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Most of us are still grappling with adjusting to a new normal as a result of COVID-19 and the variances that still impact us.  The purpose of LLC is to encourage, inspire and empower you to be your best you.  Gradually returning to in-person jobs, careers, school and recreational activities, we are keenly aware that navigating the waters of a new normal is far more than a notion or embracing a new term.  The ever present in-person dynamic requires an intentional, on-purpose and very deliberate effort on our part  to accomplish this goal. 


There is no question that moving forward is neither easy, nor in many cases notably desirable.  We acknowledge however, that interaction between ourselves and others has been impacted beyond measure.  As we explore the influence of much of that which we have encountered, LLC is committed to providing the tools and strategies necessary to overcome many of the behaviors that manifest themselves in a way resulting in us being our own worst enemy.


You are invited to join us on a year-long journey of self-paced courses.  Every month specific topic content as well as bonus strategies will be sent directly to you to review in preparation for our monthly face-time of engagement.  This opportunity to gather on a monthly basis positions everyone to weigh-in with face-time.  Friendly reminders are provided monthly.  This is a MASTER CLASS EXPERIENCE approach.  It has been our experience that during the engagement period, students/participants can obtain and glean solutions by the sharing of personal experiences of others.

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

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